Orion Builders | Things you may not know about Armstrong Creek [based on Wikipedia]
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Things you may not know about Armstrong Creek [based on Wikipedia]

Things you may not know about Armstrong Creek [based on Wikipedia]

The Armstrong Creek Growth Area is a southern extension to the urban growth boundary of the Geelong metropolitan area (Victoria, Australia). It comprises parts of the localities of Grovedale and Marshall (south of the Warrnambool railway line), and parts of the localities of Mount Duneed and Connewarre.

The area is named after Scottish settler John Armstrong whose owned property in the area which included a creek – Armstrong Creek (formerly Armstrong’s Creek).

The intention to expand Geelong’s suburbs into the area was signalled first in the 1980s by the Geelong Regional Commission, and details for a possible development strategy were covered by Henshall, Hansen and Associates’ “Mount Duneed/Armstrong Creek Urban Development Study”, commissioned by the City of Greater Geelong in 1994.

The growth area came into being in June 2010 with State Government approval of the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme Amendment. The aim is for the development to have its physical and social infrastructure provided at an early stage, with an aim of building communities rather than just releasing land for development. Armstrong Creek has been promoted as a sustainable community, with a focus on walkability, public transport provision and sustainable water use.

On 1 March 2012, Armstrong Creek officially became a suburb of Geelong.

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